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G Shock Watch GA 700 BR 1ADR, Friendly Price with Amazing Features

Unboxing G Shock Watch GA 700 BR 1ADR — G SHOCK is the original sub-brand of CASIO. It has a variety of variations that are very attractive, high-quality, and easy to maintain. I am currently trying to review and unbox one of the G SHOCK series, the GA 700 BR 1ADR.

The color on the G SHOCK model is really strong in my opinion, the combination of black matte and orange candy tone is very suitable for use by the men.

This model includes G SHOCK with a price that is still affordable for college kids though. If you have savings of around USD $99, you can already have this G SHOCK model.

Paper Box ala G SHOCK
Black Paper Box typical G SHOCK original.

As we know, the original G SHOCK has a complete one of them is a typical black Paper Box G SHOCK. So, if you buy G SHOCK but are given a clear acrylic container like a normal clock, then it might be possible that it is a fake G SHOCK.

Manual, Warranty Book, and Warranty Card
G SHOCK original always provides Manual Books, Warranty Books, and Warranty Cards.

In addition to the black Paper Box, if you buy the original G SHOCK you will also get a Manual Book, Warranty Book, and Warranty Card. In Indonesia, warranty cards are usually blue, some are shaped like a sim card (with a gold plate in the middle) or plain with an official guarantee usually from an official supplier company as above.

G SHOCK watch
In the picture above, I took a photo of G SHOCK with the condition of over brightness, it should be black matte with orange candy tone.

For the G Shock watch GA 700 BR 1ADR model it actually has a twin that is GA 800 BR 1ADR, and the color is almost the same, namely Black Matte & Orange Candy Tone. The difference is the GA 700 BR 1ADR model has a larger diameter and has no second hand (the second hand is replaced with digital). While the GA 800 BR 1ADR model has a second hand and the screen is only one located below the rotary axis of the needle.

In addition to cool, shape, and color, G SHOCK is a watch that is famous for being easy to care for, you can treat it by washing it (I recommend using the liquid soap or special toothpaste for children) once a week or only if it looks dirty.

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