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Difference between Fake G Shock vs Original G Shock!

Fake G Shock vs Original G Shock — G SHOCK is one of the most frequently faked sub-brands of CASIO watches. In fact, often the G SHOCK counterfeiters make fake “G SHOCK” designs, which have not even been made by CASIO.


What you need to know, is…


G SHOCK fake can be distinguished from the original just by glancing at its shape, without having to disassemble the engine. I will briefly review the differences between the originals and the fake SHOCK.


How to distinguish fake G SHOCK?

Fake G SHOCK is straightforward to distinguish from the original G SHOCK, the difference is very noticeable. No need to touch, G SHOCK fans can already find out whether the G SHOCK they see is fake or original in seconds. How’s that possible?

First, the most visible of the fake G SHOCK is COLOR. Most people know G SHOCK as a watch that has many color variations, as well as a fake G SHOCK. The forger G SHOCK often improvises in giving fake G SHOCK colors. So, it can be said fake G SHOCK color is far more varied than the original G SHOCK though. This is where a G SHOCK fan can find out that the product is a fake G SHOCK because indeed the original G SHOCK never made products with colors like that.

Then what if the fake G SHOCK uses the exact same color as the original G SHOCK?

A G SHOCK fan will need a few more seconds, maybe also a few minutes to pay attention to details. Yes, just by paying attention and not having to hold the product, or by just looking at the G SHOCK code.

The color quality used in fake G SHOCK is never the same as the original G SHOCK. From the color of the bezel and strap to small details like the color of the writing on the surface of the bezel or strap.


Fake G SHOCK vs Original G SHOCK

“You really are a G SHOCK fan, every day you use G SHOCK, If you browse the internet you see also a lot of G SHOCK photos, at a glance you can clearly see which ones are fake and original. If it’s a newbie like me, how do I make it different?”

If you have not been able to distinguish the original and fake G SHOCK as above, I will briefly discuss the difference between the original and fake G SHOCK.


The Original G-SHOCK
Black paper boxes, round or hexagon tins, module books, and warranty cards.

There are several forms of the original G-SHOCK packaging, the most widely circulating in the local market are products with black paper box packaging, round cans, and hexagon cans. As for imported products other than the already mentioned packaging, there are also paper boxes with white pads and for some premium packaging products in the form of crates.

The original G-SHOCK is always accompanied by a paper tag containing the G-SHOCK logo, product type, product features, bar codes, and product prices. The original G-SHOCK product is always accompanied by a blue official guarantee card. The G-SHOCK Manual book is a thick and small booklet in English and for Japanese market products in the form of a thin booklet in Japanese, usually folded.

Settings like an ordinary analog clock. (picture:

Some fake G-SHOCK products are packaged in clear acrylic boxes/tubes such as watch packaging in general, paper boxes with black velvet pads, often without any packaging. Fake G-SHOCK products are very rarely accompanied by paper tags, even if there is usually only a small piece of paper with a blue border and blue CASIO writing. There is no warranty card or Manual.


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