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Halal Tourism with International and Indonesian Destinations

Halal Tourism — According to Wikipedia, halal tourism is a subcategory of tourism aimed at Muslim families who adhere to Islamic rules. Hotels in these destinations do not serve alcohol and have separate pools and spa facilities for men and women.

The halal tourism industry also provides flights where no alcohol or pork products are served, prayer times are announced, and religious programs are broadcast as a part of the entertainment offered onboard. Halal tourism always puts forward the principle of halal in travel. The tour organizer always takes care of the tour participants, so as not to commit acts of shirk that can violate Islamic law.

Tour operators also always take care of the tour participants, so as not to commit illicit acts such as gambling, prostitution, and others. Also, always provide halal foods at every destination visited in accordance with Islamic law. Providing times and facilities for prayers at any location they visit during their tour.

However, this tour can also be followed by anyone, including non-Muslims, because the main destination of this tour will still be visited.

Especially for you Muslim travelers, let us go on a journey or preach to invite our other Muslim brothers to be able to travel that is fun and comfortable with halal principles in accordance with Islamic law.

Interested in Following Travel with Halal Principles?

In the travel agency BABULROHMAH which is located in Lubang Buaya Pondok Gede, East Jakarta, we have a wide range of tourist programs facilities both for foreign and domestic destinations (Indonesia). Of course, by prioritizing halal principles in traveling. As we have routinely held on a weekly basis, namely Tourism to Pahawang Island.

For more details, please contact me, Abdul Manan at number 081316254474 (WhatsApp ready).

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