Basic Techniques of Photography that Photographers Must Know (part 3)

Basic Techniques of Photography — Photography has a lot of techniques that must be known, and we must learn. Through these techniques will produce a different picture according...
1 min read

Caferesto Font (FREE), Make the Menu Easier and More Fun

Caferesto fonts is a cute and casual handwritten font with an incredibly friendly feel. Whether you’re looking for fonts for Instagram or calligraphy scripts for DIY projects, this...
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Caring for Watches to Stay Long Years

Caring for Watches — Watches have become a necessity in accompanying our routine activities. Besides being a timepiece, a watch can also be a...
4 min read

The Difference between the G Shock Fake…

G SHOCK Fake vs Real Original — G SHOCK is one of the most frequently faked sub-brands of CASIO watches. In fact, often the...
2 min read