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Code G Shock with Functions and Features

Code G SHOCK — Who doesn’t know G SHOCK from the famous CASIO watch company? At present, G SHOCK has become a trademark of...
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G Shock Watch GA 700 BR 1ADR, Friendly Price with Amazing Features

Unboxing G Shock Watch GA 700 BR 1ADR — G SHOCK is the original sub-brand of CASIO. It has a variety of variations that...
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The Best Pocket Digital Camera for Beginners, How to Choose It?

Best pocket digital camera — Digital pocket cameras are very practical to carry everywhere and maybe that’s what causes the market segment to be...
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Beginner Photographer Must Know! Tips to Become a Pro Photographer

Photography Tips for Beginner Photographer — The world of photography is a world that allows anyone to be able to express his work in...
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Caring for Watches to Stay Long Years

Caring for Watches — Watches have become a necessity in accompanying our routine activities. Besides being a timepiece, a watch can also be a...
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The Difference between the G Shock Fake vs Real G Shock!

G SHOCK Fake vs Real Original — G SHOCK is one of the most frequently faked sub-brands of CASIO watches. In fact, often the...
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