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Basic Techniques of Photography that Photographers Must Know (part 3)

Basic Techniques of Photography — Photography has a lot of techniques that must be known, and we must learn. Through these techniques will produce a different picture according to the usefulness of each technique.

This post is the third (last) part of my previous post on part two yesterday.

In this post, I will discuss 5 Basic Photography Techniques. Namely Street Photography, Long Exposure Photography, Food Photography, Minimalist Photography, and Star Photography.

Street Photography
This technique is more convenient using a pocket camera. (picture:

Street Photography is a photography technique that illustrates everyday events. Usually done on the streets or in other public places that show human activities.

For better results, try doing it candidly (without the subject being photographed known).

Long Exposure Photography
Use an ND filter to get maximum results. (picture:

Long Exposure Photography is often used in landscapes or natural environments. For example, is a waterfall, waves, trees, and others. Taking photos by setting the exposure made long enough intervals.

This technique uses an ND filter device to help get maximum photo results.

Food Photography
The resulting photo cannot be considered a maximum if it cannot arouse your appetite. (picture:

Food Photography is often done to create catalogs, menus, posters, promotional advertisements, and others related to promoting food.

This technique generally focuses on the lighting and composition of the food object. Lighting is used to determine the side of the food to be highlighted. To show a rough texture on objects visible, strong lighting is needed.

As for the soft and smooth texture, it also requires a soft light. The composition here is the incorporation of food objects or food layout until the food looks good to be photographed.

Minimalist Photography
Photos can be “told” even if only with one object. (picture:

Minimalist Photography uses few or only a few objects in the photos taken. This technique is very dependent on the composition of the photo. Generally, this photo has a very bright color or black and white (monochrome).

This technique must provide a picture of a story or meaning even though the photo has only one object.

Star Photography
This technique relies heavily on using a tripod to keep results-focused. (picture:

This technique relies heavily on using a tripod to get maximum photos of stars, and manually set cameras. Other devices that can be used are wide lenses, timers for cameras, and the type of camera is full-frame.

What needs to be considered in doing this star photography technique is the movement of the moon, the weather, and the position of taking photos by adjusting the camera lens as wide as possible but still focusing on one point.

Thus, this photography technique which in total there are 24 Basic Techniques of Photography. Hopefully it can provide more knowledge for those of you who are beginners in the field of photography or for those who have long studied the world of photography. It may be useful. Thank you.

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