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Artemia and How to Make Simple Hatchery Tool

Simple Artemia Hatchery Tool — I want to share tips on who might have difficulty making a tool to incubate artemia. Making the hatching tool turned out to be straightforward to do and simple, by imitating the function of another artemia hatchery that is sold in the market at a fairly expensive price. Okay, let’s just practice. 

Tools and Materials :

  • Small size scissors
  • Small size cutter
  • The used mineral water bottle, which is 1.5 liter, the bigger the better
  • Aquarium hose with a length of approximately 1.5 meters
  • Hose connection in the form of the letter “L”
  • Aerator tightness regulator
  • Screwdriver plus

How to Make :

Prepare used mineral water bottle
Cut it into 2 parts of used mineral water bottles.

Cut the used mineral water bottle horizontally into two parts top and bottom. Try at the top of the piece can hold about 800 ml of water. The most important thing when the position is reversed can hold as much as 500 ml of water, the remaining 300 ml for backup only.


Install the hose connection
Put the hose connection on the bottle cap.

Make a hole in the top lid of the used mineral water bottle using a plus screwdriver that has been heated, then attach the L-shaped hose connection in the position, as shown above.


Adjust the position of the bottle
Bottle position.

Adjust the position of the piece of the used mineral water bottle so that it can estimate the position of the hose connection that is not so far away. Then re-hole the used mineral water bottle using a screwdriver plus that has been heated on the side of the bottle as shown above.

Position the aerator hose tightness regulator
Adjust the position of the aerator hose.

Install the aquarium hose and aerator power regulator as shown above to regulate the firmness of the air, and also function as harvesting of artemia later. Done. Straightforward right?

By utilizing used mineral water bottles, we can directly participate in reducing pollution to the environment. Hopefully the tips on how to make an artemia incubator can be useful for those who need it. Thanks.

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