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Nowadays, the interest of people, and Internet users to access information is increasingly greater. Along with that, the world of digital media also continues to grow. Addressing the phenomenon, attend tempatbagi.

tempatbagi is a container in the form of a website that allows us to all be contributors and share information without having to create a personal blog.

tempatbagi be a container that lets you all provide information from different categories, such as tips, tutorials, reviews, blogs, and so on.

The scope of the discussion is also varied, such as lifestyle, entertainment, hobbies, and whatever is your “passion”. And interestingly, tempatbagi also accommodates your creativity to deliver content in a post format.

For the reader’s reach, tempatbagi guarantees that your employees can be enjoyed and benefit many people.


The tempatbagi logo in the form of a series of letters tempatbagi is accompanied by an image of the letter t and b in different colors as well as the “share” icon.

Blue color has the meaning of trust, stability, harmony, peace, and calm as a container for sharing. While the orange color contains the meaning of creativity, adventurer, enthusiasm, success, and balance that many of the Temans tempatbagi have to do.

The Font or typeface takes from Nexa Bold with a slight modification. This typeface illustrates firmness but still has rounded edges.

In general, it can be interpreted that any contributor who contributes his work to tempatbagi is bound to the rules and regulations, but still has the flexibility to pour out his idea.